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Sports Mind Skills has visualization, imagery and hypnosis MP3s to help anyone develop their mental skills for the challenges we face in sport and in life.

Get into the minds of elite Athletes, Sports Psychs and Coaches and the mental skills required to perform your best!

Download MP3s, videos and audio books and listen on your computer, MP3 player or iPod anytime, anywhere - they are particularly suited to be used as part of your pre-competition routine. Listen to the tracks again and again to put yourself in the zone - calm and focused for peak performance!

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Do I need Mind Skills?

download sports psychology Has nervousness ever got in the way of you achieving your best? Do you ever dwell on mistakes or have trouble staying positive and determined? Do you easily become distracted or lose motivation for your goals? Do you want to get the edge on your competition? Whether you are an athlete, coach, teacher, parent or anyone wanting to learn new mind skills and sport psychology tools then this site is for you. Read more at Do I need Mind Skills?

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